M1918 155mm Gun

This heavy gun was used by the Australian Army in WW2, including in two of the Moreton Bay forts and in New Guinea. It was made in America until 1942 and was based on a French WW1 design ("Canon 155mm GPF"). M1918 is the American name. Fort Lytton was a training base for this gun. The training unit was called "T" Australian Heavy Battery. The next 5 photographs were taken at Fort Lytton on Armistice Day (November 11) 1943 by Ronald Noel Keam. 155_mm_gun_and_crew_Lytton_Qld_Nov_1943_AWM_060027 Armistice Day Ceremony. Source: Australian War Memorial AWM 060027.jpg  
The troops in the following three photographs were training for service in New Guinea. 155_mm_GPF_gun_in_travelling_position_Lytton_Qld_Nov_1943_AWM_060033 SHOWN ARE: GUNNER HAWKES (1); BOMBARDIER W. TAYLOR (2). Source: Australian War Memorial AWM 060033.jpg
155_mm_GPF_gun_deployment_Lytton_Qld_Nov_1943_AWM_060035 SHOWN ARE: SERGEANT H. W. JEFFREY (1) GUNNER A. J. COLTMAN (2) GUNNER J. HAWKES (3) GUNNER E. LYNCH (4) LANCE-BOMBARDIER C.E.BRICKSON(5) Source: Australian War Memorial AWM 060035.jpg
155_mm_GPF_gun_deployment_Lytton_Qld_Nov_1943_AWM_060032 SHOWN ARE: GUNNER E. LYNCH (1) GUNNER R BROWER (2) Source: Australian War Memorial AWM 060032.jpg
M1918 155mm Fort Lytton 19431111 LEFT TO RIGHT H.G.BRIGG(1) GUNNER A.T.LLEWELLAN(2) GUNF.WILLIAMS(3) Source: Australian War Memorial AWM 060031.jpg
1942_Parade_-_gun_carriage M1918 gun in a parade outside All Hallows School, Ann Street, Brisbane. 3 July 1942 Source: State Library of Queensland By Contributor: Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd.