RML 64pdr Guns, Shell, Fuse & Courier Article Describing 1881 First Firing

Fort Lytton has two "Rifled Muzzle-Loading 64 pounder" guns, Mark III. They were both manufactured in 1878 and fired for the first time at Fort Lytton in 1881. They are now fired regularly by re-enactors of the Queensland Permanent Artillery. 64pdr-being-fired-v1
The shell below was fired from one of Fort Lytton's two RML 64pdr guns, and dredged from the Brisbane River. The fuse has not been fired. 20161016_105145 20161016_105530 20161016_105628 20161016_105900 20161016_105834 The two 64pdr guns were first fired at Fort Lytton in April, 1881, by the Hon A.H.Palmer (Colonial Secretary) and his wife. The event was reported in some detail in the Courier (Brisbane newspaper). extract-of-1881-courier-article-describing-first-64pdr-firing