Fort Lytton Military Museum, Brisbane

Located 14 km from central Brisbane, Fort Lytton Military Museum is distributed throughout the Fort Lytton Historic Military Precinct of Fort Lytton National Park. Admission and parking are free from 10am to 4pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. See Visitor Information for more details. The museum is cooperatively curated and operated by the national park staff and Fort Lytton Historical Association (FLHA) volunteers. Visitors are recommended to plan on a 2-3 hour visit, covering the museum and the historic fortifications. The museum's primary role is to maintain exhibits related to the history of Fort Lytton, and Fort Lytton's dominant role in the defence of Brisbane. We also have an extensive collection of items related to Queensland and Australian defence. The collection contains over 2000 items. We are extremely fortunate to possess a large number of Fort Lytton's original artefacts including, for example, nine of its original guns, namely:
  • 1798 Carron 24-pdr muzzle loading cannon.
  • 2 x 1878 64-pdr rifled muzzle-loading guns.
  • 1881 Armstrong 6-inch 80-pdr rifled muzzle loading gun.
  • 1886 Armstrong 6-inch 100-pr rifled breech loading gun. This was one of the most advanced guns of its day. It was a "disappearing" gun, and its 6-inch armour-piercing projectiles could penetrate up to 12 inches (30cm) of steel plate.
  • 19th century Nordenfelt 4-barrel 1-inch machine gun.
  • 19th century 9-pdr field gun.
  • 2 x WW2 6-pdr guns. These were the key components of a specialised twin-barrel gun defending against an attack by  motor torpedo boats on Brisbane's submarine base that was home to 88 US submarines.