Colonial Fort

The original Fort Lytton was built between 1880 and 1881, with ongoing construction continuing into the 1890s. It consists of about a hectare of colonial buildings, gun pits, triangulation stations, tunnels and other structures embedded in a protective earth-mound wall, surrounded by a 10m-wide water-filled moat. Whilst some of the structures were modified with changing defence needs, especially in WW2, Fort Lytton remains mostly in its original colonial state. Fort Lytton is open to the public for self-guided and guided tours. DSCN8277 DSCN8297 DSCN8298 DSCN8299 DSCN8291 DSCN8279 DSCN8295 12 smaller file DSCN8282 DSCN8286 0190 Power Stn and Gun Pit 4
Google Earth View of the COLONIAL FORT. (Note: Part of the moat was filled in after WW2.)